"The performances sound solid"

-John Watson, Eleven Music


​​​"when you listen to the way she has infused world with a sense of contemporary reggae on the track via the vocals and the rhythmic keys you can understand why the song incubated for a little longer than others."​

~ Christie Ots, Blank GC​​


​“a live sound that spans world music and contemporary genres."

- Samantha Morris, Blank GC



"Kiara's performances conjure emotive sounds of unity and presence, infusing driving rhythms and dark piano riffs.”

- Courier-Sun Bellingen, Courier-Sun Bellingen 


“...- world beats and up tempo vocals... Jack is adept at scatting and rapping in a very smooth way that gets the music jumping...highly danceable. There is an unsullied rawness to Jack's music, this is no fuss modern gypsy dance music."

- Nick Hanlon, Tweed Valley


“As the Ambassador and project manager for Jam 4 Awareness in Queensland, the project is supported by some of Australia's highest profile bands and artists along with many major and independent record companies, government and non-government organisations and is reaching thousands of people across the country in schools, Westfield shopping centres, stadiums and other high-profile events. 

- Kiara Jack, Jam 4 Awareness